SKT 3000

Worvil Forkbeard was not the sole survivor of a red dragon attack.

Session Seven: Xantharl’s Hold



Ilamauyil. A vain half-elven bard in love with Valandrien but denying it.

Sterrin Blackhand. A human rogue and far traveler.

Valandrien Dezlentyr. A half-elven sorcerer from Waterdeep.


Plans changed. Nobody went to Neverwinter. Instead, the group went to Luskan and ignored the huge flaming longship in the harbor. They did not sneak on board or learn anything about the giants who had crashed and burned.

The group trekked inland. They killed two hill giants and failed to save an innocent pig. Some farmers were buried. A draft horse was noticed.

Travel happened. Some bandits shared their campfire and did not attempt to rob the heroes after being scared by their exploits.

Despite Valandrien’s objections, the group travelled to Mirabar for no known reason. They sold some giant heads and asked after Worvil Forkbeard. He wasn’t in Mirabar. The food wasn’t very good, either.

Ila rented a carriage for the trip to Waterdeep. Valandrien bought a horse. Sterrin elected to run alongside and died from exhaustion.

The first fortified location south of Mirabar was Xantharl’s Hold, a military outpost. There were many soldiers there, led by Lord Narbek Horn, a dwarf dude.

The innkeep was a female half ogre named Arzastra. She told the group that the new stable boy was an old dwarf who claimed to have been the sole survivor of a red dragon attack. She also told rumors about stone giants taking apart buildings.

The alarm sounded. A large force of goblins, hobgoblins, nobgoblins, ogres, and a giant were approaching the gate in a hostile manner. Every soldier in the place abandoned his/her post and went to look. Did I mention that this was a military outpost?

A dozen hobgoblins slipped over the unguarded wall and rushed the stables. Our heroes ran to defend their new horses and carriage! Oh, and the new stableboy was grabbed and taken away.

Fight! Eventually, all of the hobgoblins died and the dwarven stable boy was rescued. Of course, he turned out to be Worvil Forkbeard. The giant Koltivar had paid the hobgoblins to abduct the rogue because he wanted the reward money.

The heroes turned Forkbeard in for a writ worth 5000 gp at a bank in Waterdeep. Lord Horn offered the heroes a bazillion hand jobs if they would chase the army that had been at the gates and destroy them.

It was an insane idea, and they said no. Then Ila decided she needed some more “experience.” So the group tracked the army and scouted them out.

The next day, there was much tracking and wayyyyyyyyyy more scouting. Then there was a lot of waiting and watching.

Soon enough, there was a great deal of fighting and falling down. Everybody died four or nine times. Limbs were lost forever. When only a few jobgoblins were left, the group graciously let them collect some of their dead (but not THAT one guy!) and leave.

The group crawled back to Xantharl’s Keep, got their reward, and fell asleep in the fanciest rooms in the inn.


End Session


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