SKT 3000

Treasure so far.

Yeah…. so here it is in no particular order or compilation..

Fish shaped silver locket with a portrait of a male halfling… value: 25gp, 3 vials of perfume valued at 5gp ea.; battered copper flagon with a grinning halfling.  worth 1gp. 1 gold ring worth 25gp 

5cp, 1 live chicken, 1 herbalism kit, a vial of antitoxin, pouch with 15gp,

golden holy symbol of Asmodeus - 75gp value-, healer's kit, potion of healing. 

4cp, 3 sp. tinderbox, smoking pipe, teddy bear, box of 3 dragon ante cards worth 1gp. 

32 gp, 17 sp,  writing materials, wax seals, tax records, land ownership documents, etc. 

3 sticks of incense 5gp ea.  silver holy symbol of Mielikki, (25gp) , 37cp, 15 sp.  c

5 draft horses, 5 riding horses,

1cp, box with 10 silvered darts. 

block of cheese, cooked chicken, frying pan, iron pot, bullseye lantern, two flasks of oil, cook's utensils, jar of cloves (1sp), jar of saffron (1gp), dented silver jug (20 gp), and cracked hourglass, worth 25 gp if repaired. 

suit of dwarf sized chainmail, dwarven helm, 45 gp, 2 100gp gemstones, potion of heroism.


Stuff from trading post. 




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