SKT 3000


Temperance Foundling. A loud half-orc paladin.

Sterrin Blackhand. A human rogue and far traveler.

Valandrien Dezlentyr. A half-elven sorcerer from Waterdeep.

Ilamayil De Pauw. A vain half-elven bard.


That evening, the heroes skipped into Bryn Shander. They visited the best inn in town and ate and drank in celebration of not being enslaved halflings. Hurrah!

Temperance spoke with Sir Baric Nylef about Order of the Gauntlet secret stuff.

Everyone else drank the local Firebrandy, highly recommended by the dwarven innkeeper Ogden Flamebeard, and immediately regretted doing so.

The next morning the group met with Sherrif Markham Southwell to tell him that his sister had died in the raid on Nightstone. “Who?” said the sheriff. “I ain’t got no sister.”

Soon enough, a loud gianty (hint hint) voice boomed “Surrender Artis Cimber or die!” from outside the south gate. Investigating, it turned out to be a frost giant warrior named Droofi. She had two other giants and two big wolves with her. They wouldn’t listen to reason, namely that Artis Cimber wasn’t in the town, and attacked.

It turned out that the South Gate was made of testicles! Yes, it was balls. The giants and their big ol’ wolves flailed away at the gate for dozens of seconds while the heroes and a few townsfolk rained down angry itchy pain. Aiding the heroes were:

  •             Sir Baric Nylef, a muscly type human;
  •             Augrek Brighthelm, a female dwarf badass;
  •             Sirac of Suzail, a human acolyte of Torm;
  •             Beldora Something, something something something;
  •             Duvessa Shane, a twelve year old girl who is also the Town Speaker.

Eventually the gate fell and much fighting occurred just at the entrance to the town. The giants kept calling for Artis Cimber until they died. Their leader was a female giant named Droofi.

Dead giants had great loot, including:

  • A dead pig
  • A statue of a dwarf
  • Some moldy cheese
  • 50’ of hemp rope
  • A mangy fur pelt
  • A large necklace of dragon fangs
  • A live goat
  • A three foot tall idol of Thrym, the frost giant god of not bathing
  • A mammoth horn worth 750 gp
  • A helm with eight 100 gp gems
  • 8 objets d’art worth 25 gp each

Other lesser NPC’s somehow held the town against the giants at the other gates. Sheriff Southwell asked the adventurers to do all kinds of things and avoided giving them any reward for saving the town.


  1. Patrol the Dale and look for signs of giant activity;
  2. Go to Ironmaster and notify the Brighthammer clan that Bryn Shander needs help;
  3. Bo to Hindlestone and get secret Harper info from secret Harper Thwip Ironbuttocks, a secret gnome;
  4. Visit Waterdeep. The Dancing Wave, a ship in Luskan, will ferry the heroes up and down the Sword Coast. The captain is someone’s aunt, Inerva Coldwater.
  5. Sir Baric is looking for the fugitive, Warvil Firebird, aka “The Weevil,” a dwarf who was last seen in the area. Also, Sir Lannover, the Gauntlet agent in Neverwinter, has candy.

Under minimal torture, Sirac admitted that Artis Cimber was his father. His dad owns the legendary artifact the Ring of Winter. Sirac said that the heroes should visit the noble family Roaringhorn in Waterdeep, with whom Valandrien is acquainted.

The plan becomes to make a circuit of the area, visiting Hundlestone first. The trip there is quick and uneventful. Sirac accompanies them. Thwip Ironcheeks, gnome janitor, gives Ila a clockwork dog with a winding key. Valandrien’s “familiar,” Rillix the Winged Cat, sniffs in disdain.

Thwip tasks the party with visiting Frohan Valharrow in Everlund. He is a powerful wizard residing in the Moongleam Tower. Everyone quickly decides to not go there.

On the road the Ironmaster, a frost giant and a wolf express their severe disagreement with our heroes—much to their dismay. The heroes add the giant’s head to their collection, kept under wraps on their wagon. Word on the street is, the Lords’ Alliance is paying 200 gp per head, if delivered to a certain major city like Waterdeep or Neverwinter.

End Session



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